Want to be your editor’s favorite writer?

Writers of any kind face one common check to getting published: an editor. You have no idea whether they’ll approve your pitch, enjoy your writing or preserve your piece as remotely what you wanted it to be.

What are editors thinking?

I’m going to tell you.

Notes is a selection of pet peeves, warnings, advice, secrets and pro-tips for pitching, writing and — above all — keeping editors happy.

I’m here to help you become your editor’s favorite writer.

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What I’m about

Notes is written by me — Dana Sitar.

I’m teaching everyone how to write (well).

Because writing is how we communicate, how we work, how we learn and — for people like you and me — how we make sense of who we are.

I live for conversations about writing.

I’ve taught journalists, writers and editors how to make content for the web (my sweet spot) through ACES: The Society for Editors, the National Association for Independent Writers & Editors, Utah Valley University, online courses and private trainings. I’ve worked with writers since 2011, from personal bloggers to digital media companies, shaping articles that reach millions of readers.

I’ve been published by the New York Times, Slate, HuffPost, a column for Inc. Magazine, Poynter Media Institute, and dozens of writing and content marketing blogs.

Notes is the inevitable result of my years of editing and teaching writers. It’s all the stuff I — and my fellow editors, whom I’ve tapped to contribute their tips and gripes — wish every writer knew before pitching or submitting a piece.

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